Chopsticks II


4639 N Shallowford Rd, Atlanta, GA, 30338-6300
  • Minimum $12.00 for delivery.

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About US
Chopsticks II
Location: 4639 N Shallowford Rd Atlanta, GA 30338-6300
Phone: (770) 458-3373
Are you an adherent for both Chinese food and Thai food? If so, Chopsticks II, a humble takeout restaurant that specializing in both Chinese and Thai cuisine, should be your must-go place. You can experience the two exotic food at the same time here. The restaurant has a capacity for 50 in a total area of over 1700 square feet, and it was honored as the Top 100 Take-Outs Winner by Chinese Restaurant News in 2008.
Mongolian Beef, Mongolian Chicken and Honey Spare Ribs are what Chopsticks is known for. Thai Curry is also a signature dish recognized and appreciated by many customers. There is in fact, one chef works up the Chinese side of the menu and another one specializes in the Thai food that is offered here. Thai Spring Rolls sell very well with the local population who go for the peanut seafood combination. What makes the food in Chopsticks II stand out from others? Its variety of sauces may tell the answer. From the particular sauce for General Tso's Chicken which is MSG free, to the Kung Pao sauce, the sweet and sour sauce and lastly to the Lo Mein sauce, all these unresisting sauce send a strong signal to customers who come in droves.
Nowadays, living a healthy life is part and parcel of life in America. At Chopsticks II they do their best to prepare healthy dishes by using no MSG, small amounts of salt and oil besides employing cooking methods such as steaming and boiling which are by far the healthiest options. You will meet your expectation here, just come and try!

Situated at 4639 N Shallowford Road, Chopsticks II has a capacity for 50 in a total area of over 1700 square feet, featuring in dine-in business. Also, take-out and delivery service are offered. While dining in, the elegant Chinese arts, delicious meals and lingering soft traditional Chinese music will let you indulge yourself into this cozy and comfy ambience, forgetting all the vexations.

The extensive menu of Chopsticks II includes over 100 delicacies, featuring Americanized Chinese food with Chicken in Curry Sauce, Mongolian Beef and Mongolian Chicken being the top selling dishes. In addition, varied kinds of beef, chicken, seafood, lo mein and vegetarian dishes are available, which are sure to cater to any taste bud. The homemade sauces make the menu items uniquely palatable, even picky customer would be impressed by the vibrant texture and unbeatable flavor of each dish.

Other than savory food, owner Peter Zhang focuses on customer and delivery services as well. Each staff is trained to treat customer attentively and cordially, regardless of age, gender, background or color. As for delivery service, Peter Zhang sticks to a basic guarantee “speedy delivery of delectable food at the perfect temperature”. Once orders are placed, customers will have their meal at their doorstep within 45 minutes.

Peter Zhang, the owner and chief chef of Chopsticks II, devoted himself to cooking since 1991. Being one of the disciples of the top chef in Boston and several celebrity chefs, he gained valuable hands-on experiences under his belt, thus knows how to please his customers.

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